Irrigation of cereal

Irrigation professionals adapted to the crops

It is recommended for use in very uneven terrain using medium or small sprinkler coverage and fine droplet, rather than powerful.
In dry and warm periods is recommended to first copious watering and then perform a plowing. then be made for planting.
Sometimes in the spring at tilling the soil gets too dry and need to give a light watering before planting. If a surface crust forms a pass with a harrow before sowing tines.

With the stem elongation begins a period of intense assimilation of water and nutrients, so it is necessary that the dirt contains enough moisture at this stage.

During the bolting is necessary to apply other watering. The plant is fully operational assimilation and water is consumed quickly at this stage.
The last irrigation should be done within a few days earlier, in the prime dairy spikes or very early maturity thick, as the plants continue to consume plenty of water, used mainly in transferring starch and other food reserves from leaves to the point.


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