Buses réglables VYR-118 V-Eco

V-Eco Sprayer Nozzles with Adjustable Angle 0-360º

New range of adjustable angle spray nozzles from 7 to 17 VAN for different flows and range distances - Color coded.

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Spécifications techniques

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  • Hauteur: cm.
  • Largeur: cm.
  • Poid: 1 gr.
  • Unités par boîte:
  • Poids par boîte: 1 kg.


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  • The new nozzles V-echo have a volumen rate proportional to the surface to water.
  • The different models are differentiated depending on flow rate through a range of colors (brown, red, black green, grey), offering different turn angles of trajectory projection for greater flexibility.
  • They also have flow control screw for manual re-adjustment to its total closure rate.


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