VYR-1056 FIX


Modular coupling parts for assembling of 1” FIX manifolds.

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  • Montajes de colectores de válvulas en arquetas y armarios para la jardinería particular y residencial, riego por goteo y micro-aspersión, invernaderos, y usos industriales.


  • Modular coupling parts for assembling of 1” FIX manifolds.
  • T's, elbows, straight links and plugs. All of these are manufactured in PPc and PPFV.
  • All parts are supplied with gaskets for a watertight seal between joints. No need to use Teflon or packing!
  • The female accessories have sliding nuts for ease of working in confined spaces such as inside valve boxes, to enable multiple combinations and to make it easier to carry out a future valve repair.
  • Complies with standard UNE 68-074-86/ISO 7714.

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