Low pressure rotor sprinkler full/part circle 3/4” male

The new sprinkler VYR-4000 ROTEC is a rotating low pressure sprinkler with outlet 3/4 "male. Technology with silicone brake . It features a double and single interchangeable nozzles and plates. It also has an adjustment system for the rotational speed with an adjustable two-speed motor. This sprinkler is a model of low-medium flow and low pressure suitable for agriculture farms, nurseries, and mining industry with coverage up to 55 ft. between sides and heads.

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  • Poid: 77 gr.
  • Unités par boîte: 50
  • Poids par boîte: 4 kg.

Spécifications techniques

Range: 26-46 Ft. (8-14.0 m.)
Flow rate: 2,4-8,2 GPM (560-1900 L/h.)
Pressure: 26-65 PSI (1.8-4.5 BAR.)
Sector: Circular or 180º degrees with the deflector.
Nozzles: A nozzle plate with one or two outputs.
Trajectory angles: 25º and 15º.
Maximum height jet of 8,2 Ft. (2.3 m.)
Rotation time: Depending on the pressure and nozzles is uniform and continuous.
Coefficient of Uniformity above 90% in frames of 33x40R , 40x40T, 40x50T, 50x50R and 50x50T ft.


  • Hauteur: 9,5 cm.
  • Largeur: 6,5 cm.
  • Poid: 75 gr.
  • Unités par boîte: 50
  • Poids par boîte: 3,75 kg.


  • Horticultural plantations, cereals, tubers, legumes and fruit.


  • Agricultural rotor sprinkler for low pressure/flow irrigation with silicone engine technology.
  • Pattented 2-speed motor selector.
  • 3/4” male connection.
  • Made of super-resistant plastic with UV treatments.
  • Rotating joints of high strength.
  • Angles of nozzles are 25º and 15º degrees.
  • Special design for coverage irrigation at low pressures.
  • Secondary plate deflector hole can be opened or pluged.


  • Pressure regulator VYR-19 to offset the pressures of your irrigation system.


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