AGRO-RAIN (подземнoе орошение)

Подземные оросительные системы

Подземные оросительные системы - удобный способ переложить заботы о поливе на плечи техники. Широкая гамма комплектующих для создания таких систем позволяют легко построить конфигурацию, наиболее соответствующую Вашим требованиям.

Be informed by our professionals to get the most out of our irrigation systems. The extensive experience and our engineering capabilities will provide greater efficiency and better production results.

VYR S.A. has specialized for the calculation and design of all types of sprinkler irrigation projects . Since its initial phase and topographic measurement of the land to the hydrographic calculation and design of sprinkler and lateral spacings. Our engineers will offer the best possible solution for your needs. These are some of the different engineering design services VYR S.A. can offer:

  • Collection of data (topography, soil type, prevailing winds, availability of flow and pressure measurements machinery tillage, crop types, meteorology, etc.)
  • Conceptual design and choice of best "Method". HydroCAD®
  • Topographic Calculus. HydroCAD®
  • Differences in height and pressure. Design supply rafts. HydroCAD®
  • Calculations pumping and filtration.
  • Options "Ferti-Irrigation" with injectors.
  • Calculation of crop water requirements. (Crop coefficients and Ep) HydroPLUS®
  • Spacing between sprinklers and laterals. Setback in perimeters. HydroCAD®
  • Full list of building materials. HydroCAD®
  • Sizing of hydraulic pipes and hydrants. HydroCAD®
  • Plan procurement of Civil Works.
  • System Automation and Control options and Tele-management. HydroPLUS®
  • Integration Irrigation Communities.
  • Start up.
  • Advice and training for maintenance.

Supply of equipment and materials (BOM)

Our engineers will provide the best solutions in the design of irrigation taking into account all the components that in turn will supply:

  • Sprinklers. The widest range on the market!
  • Pipes, fittings and special adapters.
  • Filtration and dosage of fertilizers.
  • Hydraulic valves and solenoid valves.
  • Suction, pressure regulators and flow regulators.
  • Control Systems and Tele-management and automation and sensors.
  • Pumping Systems. - Manifolds and other watering accessories.

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