The smart irrigation revolution, now with Machine Learning and Big data.

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Machine learning

The first system with its own intelligence "MAHINE LEARNING" from data

The internal algorithms of our cloud software interact with local agro-meteorological data and sensory field data to readjust the duration and intensity of irrigation in real time, depending on each situation.

  • Hydraulic data
  • Geological data
Sustainable irrigation

Get a higher yield in your crops saving water, time and energy.

Smart irrigation

Get ahead on decision making.

With the new version of Hydroplus 4.0 you will have full control of all the parameters in your irrigation system and you will be able to visualize in real time everything that happens in your facilities.

  • Predict the weather
  • Analyze the state of the soil
  • Monitor the phenological state of the crop
  • The (Kc) of each crop and in each of its stages
  • Daily evapotranspiration and apply the necessary dose of precipitation
Real-time display

Monitor, analyze and receive automatic responses.

Access all your controllers from your mobile device, just as if you were present in your installation, being able to modify the irrigation programs, times, valve opening and many new options.

Web-app, Android and iOS

All control in the palm of your hand.

The new version of Hydroplus 4.0 is freely available for all Android and iOS devices. Devices with older versions of Hydroplus will be able to upgrade to the new app.

VYR Products and Accessories

Compatible with a wide range of VYR products

As for the linked and valid hardware to interact with the remote control since HydroPLUS 4.0 these are the most common: