PG-6061 REMOTE (1 y 4 Stat.)

The PG-6061 REMOTE is a waterproof battery operated controller (9VDC alkaline) that allows us to connect via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to our mobile devices by the Green-Pad ® APP application. Pressing one button pairing with the mobile device is enabled through an access code for user security. This model is ideal for communities, public parks and gardens to prevent theft or vandalism of equipment as it can not be used or manipulated without the access code.

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  • Suitable for isolated areas without electrical energy or with difficult access to the wiring.


  • Water-Proof battery operated controller (9 Vdc alkaline).
  • Number of stations: 1 and 4 LATCH stations + N/O sensor.
  • Number of programs: 1 program.
  • Number of initiations: 18 starts per day.
  • Duration of cycle: up to 7 days.
  • Programming times: from 1 minute to 12 hours per valve, with a minute countdown counter.
  • MANUAL STARTING of stations and programs with “count-down”.
  • Easy installation, programming and use because of its versatile design and logical control system.
  • Ergonomic keyboard with 5 keys.
  • Rubber cover cap for display and keyboard dirt protection.
  • Digital screen with logical and easy to use icons.
  • PAUSE and SKIP IRRIGATION positions.
  • Water throughput adjustment between 25% and 100%.
  • Security system with low battery ALARM (it closes all the valves and blocks them until the old battery has been replaced).
  • Connection to sensor normally open (rain or temperature sensor) for temporary blocking of irrigation.
  • The 1 station model includes a 2-way latch solenoid; the model with 4 stations does not include the solenoids.


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