VYR-180 Plastic Pop-Up

VYR-180 Pop-Up Sprayer

Pop-up or fixed  sprinkler for "anti-vandal" urban use

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  • Weight: 70 gr.
  • Units per box: 100
  • Weight per box: 7 kg.

SPRAY POP-UP VYR-180-L PLASTIC (w/o nozzle), 10cm

  • Weight: 90 gr.
  • Units per box: 100
  • Weight per box: 9 kg.


Reach: 3 - 5.5 m.
Flow: 240 - 1200 l/h (depending on nozzle type).
Working pressure: 1 - 4 bar.
Area: Full or part circle.
Nozzles: Four nozzles of 360º, 180º, 90º and adjustable 0º - 360º.
Trajectory angles: 30º.
Maximum spray height: 1.2 m.
Flow regulation: From total closure up to 15 VAN.
Uniformity coefficient higher than 90% in areas of 4x4R, 5x5T, 5x5.5T.


  • Height: 10 cm.
  • Width: 3 cm.
  • Weight: 68 gr.
  • Units per box: 100
  • Weight per box: 7 kg.


  • Ideal for residential, urban and commercial green areas.
  • Used in both garden and greenhouse irrigation.
  • Small green spaces, areas with shrubs and low trees.


  • Pop-up spray sprinklers for residential and urban use.
  • 1/2” female connection.
  • Made of Delrin plastic.
  • Stainless steel spring with continuous tension.
  • Anti-sand rubber seal.
  • Removable grit filter for maintenance cleaning.
  • Flow regulating screw.


  • Telescopic riser for ground height adjustment.
  • 1m high PVC tube for installation with adapter in áreas with bushes and tall plants.
  • Built-in check valve (4.8 m water column).

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