Dear customers,

We have detected several years ago, and lately more than ever, counterfeit products that are damaging the image of our VYR ® brand and also creating confusion for our customers about the quality of our products. We have identified offenders, both for production and distribution of these products, and we will do everything in our power , with the law in hand, to stop these offenders .

To combat these criminal acts we always recommend to purchase our products through our certified distributors, and when in doubt you should contact us to ensure their authenticity and avoid losing your investment.

More and more brands has decided to go to Asia to produce for reduce manufacturing costs and lower product, regardless of quality or certification under the current regulations. So , we take this opportunity to assure you that all our products are manufactured in Spain and so will make “Certificates of Origin” to all those who request it .


Pablo Rodríguez Rubio
Commercial Manager