NEW Air-Release VYR-39-S

We introduce our range of air release valves known as the new Model 39-XS, as a monofunctional vacuum valve manufactured in two models of 3/4 "and 1". This valve is made with the same high quality of special engineering plastics for maximum efficiency in their facilities. It features a swivel screen with anti-insect and female thread 1/8 ".

Technical properties:

• Operating vacuum valves kinetic single direction for air extraction irrigation facilities.
• Made of nylon 6.6 and reinforced with 30% fiberglass. Sealing gasket of rubber and polystyrene float.
• Operating range of 0.2 to 16 Bar
• Evacuation of more than 500 m3 / h of air during filling of the installation occurs without closing the valve in the absence of air.
• Removing to over 45 m3 / h air in facilities with hydraulic pressure to 4 bar.
• extracts the air from the installation while the pipes are filled. By the water valve, the float rises closing the exhaust port.
• outlet of screw air evacuation "crazy" to 1/8 "female.
• Protective fencing to prevent entry of insects into the valve and consequent blocking of the float.


                    Nueva Boya Monofuncional                     VYR-39-M-oo.jpg