"Turnkey" irrigation projects!!!

VYR S.A. has a specialized department for the calculation and design of all types of irrigation projects . Since its initial measurement phase and topographic terrain to the hydrographic calculation and design of sprinkler and lateral spacings , our engineers will offer the best possible solution for your needs.

These are some of the different services VYR S.A. can offer :

- Collection of data (topography , soil type , prevailing winds , availability of flow and pressure measurements machinery tillage, crop types , meteorology , etc. )
- Conceptual design and choice of "Method".
- Topographic Calculus.
- Differences in height and pressure. Design supply rafts .
- Calculations pumping and filtration.
- Options " Ferti- Irrigation " with injectors .
- Calculation of crop water requirements . ( Crop coefficients and Ep)
- Spacing between sprinklers and laterals. Setback in perimeters.
- List of building materials .
- Sizing of hydraulic pipes and hydrants .
- Plan procurement of Civil Works.
- Automated system and Tele- management option .
- Integration Irrigation Communities .
- Advice and training.
- Commissioning .

In addition , our engineers will provide the best solutions in the design of irrigation taking into account all the components that in turn will give :
- Sprinklers . The widest range on the market!
- Pipe and Fittings and special shots.
- Filtration and dosage of fertilizers.
- Hydraulic valves and solenoid valves .
- Suction and pressure regulators and flow.
- Control Systems and Tele- management .
- Pumping Systems .

We have the engineering team able to perform and execute the projects required to make systems more efficient irrigation potential applied to spray their crops reality.