VYR-80 1/2"

L'arrosage par aspersion sur traîneau à l'appui des parcs!

L´arroseur VYR-60  secteur , monté sur traîneau  raccords 1/42"en acier galvanisé,  et tube selon les besoins de chaque client.
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Spécifications techniques

Range distance: 29-46 ft. (9-14 m).
Flow: 121-311 GPH (460 -1,180 l/h).
Working pressure: 22-58 PSI (1,5 - 4 BAR).
Area: Full or part circle.
Nozzles: A multi-jet nozzle.
Trajectory angles: 24º.
Maximum stream height: 9 ft. (2,6 m).
Rotation time: Adjustable. Depending on the pressure and the nozzles, the rotation will be constant and continuous.
Uniformity coefficient higher than 90% in areas of 36x36R, 39x39T, 39x43T ft.


  • Hauteur: 14 cm.
  • Largeur: 12 cm.
  • Poid: 266 gr.
  • Unités par boîte: 75
  • Poids par boîte: 20 kg.


  • Public and private gardens.
  • Horticultural plantations, floriculture and fruit trees.


  • Riser-mounted impact sprinkler for gardening, agricultura, flower growing and greenhouses.
  • 1/2” male connection.
  • Made of brass and stainless steel.
  • High-resistance rotating joints.
  • Arm with anti-splash design.
  • Adjustable deflector plate.
  • Irrigation area system controlled by rotating clips.
  • Adjustable jet breaker diffuser pin.
  • This sprinkler is strong and durable enough to work for many years in urban gardens in tough conditions, caused by vandalism and impact from maintenance equipment.


  • Special design with a threaded shaft for fitting to the VYR-961 pop-up head.
  • Self-compensating flow control valves of 22-29 PSI (1,5-2 BAR).
  • Assembled as a "complete support kit" on a 3.3 or 1.7 ft. galvanized stake with microtube and connectors.
  • Assembled as a "complete support kit" on a brass, aluminium or plastic spike.
  • Assembled as a "complete support kit" on an aluminium base.


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