Flow Meter + Hydrant Hydraulic Control

Metal hydraulic valves+Flow meter for full flow trough elbows and straight sections

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  • Agricultural irrigation, sports facilities, golf courses, urban and commercial areas.
  • Industrial use for fluid control.
  • Drip irrigation and greenhouses.


  • Metal hydraulic valves + Flow meter for full flow through elbows and straight sections.
  • Body and cover made of high quality cast iron.
  • EPDM diaphragms reinforced with fabric.
  • Always clean because of its brass filter with steel mesh built into all assemblies.
  • Assembled with screws and stainless steel spring.
  • Working temperature between 2 and 80 degrees.
  • Recommended working pressure of 1 to 12 bar.
  • Opening and closing response time of 0.7 seconds.
  • Resistance test carried out for 25,000 cycles at 15 bar and 80 degrees.
  • Flow range between 38 and 240 l/min.
  • Removable from the upper section for repair or replacement of parts.
  • Complies with standard UNE 68-074-86/ISO 7714.


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