Tele-Control and Management for Irrigation Systems

The best solution for the intelligent and automatic control of your irrigation system is called Hydro-Plus. The integration of different control and management equipment makes this tool one of the most sophisticated in the market for its low consumption autonomy, long-range communications, and powerful software with self-readjusting algorithms of the "Water Balance". The communication equipment are:
- CAP: The centralizer responsible for linking communication between programmers. It has 3 model options:
- CAP GSM / RADIO (standard): Radio communication with the TRIs of the programmers and connection to the Internet.
- CAP GSM / RADIO + SENSORIAL: It also includes a card with 6 digital inputs, 4 analog and an RS485 port
- CAP WIFI-ETHERNET: Communication in areas with Internet access point through a modem.
- TRI: The mini-card that is placed in the programmers and MSRs to establish radio communication.
- MSR: The remote sensory module with 2 digital inputs and 2 analog inputs for remote sensoring in culture.

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  • Bес: 300 gr.


  • Bес: 300 gr.
  • Штук в коробке: 1

TRI "Integrated Radio Card"

MSR "Remote Sensor Module"

PLUS LICENSE 1 year, 7 controllers

  • Штук в коробке: 1

MASTER LICENSE 1 year, 18 controllers (including SIM card)

  • Штук в коробке: 1

Технические характеристики

GPRS / WIFI / RADIO communications card for remote communication with PG-6010 and PG-6015 programmers.
Hydro-Pad application for free download for mobile devices and Hydro-Plus web environment application.
Digital inputs: 4 digital inputs for reading flow meters, pressure transmitters, humidity, etc.
Analog inputs: 3 analog inputs for rain sensors, presence sensors, anemometers, etc.
Relay outputs: 2 relay outputs for contactors (pump start)
Remote connections: radio links for the programmer and radio antennas (cables and antennas included)
Outputs for GPRS and RADIO antennas (antennas included.
Window of accommodation for SIM card.
Very simple configuration and start-up.
Low consumption power with 12 Vdc. Solar charging system integrated in the plastic box to prevent vandalism and theft.


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  • The best solution for intelligent and automatic control of your irrigation system is called Hydro-Plus. The integration of different control equipment and management make this tool one of the most sophisticated in the market for its range of low-power, long-range communications, and powerful software algorithms for auto-reset "Water Balance".


  • The HydroPlus system is a smart irrigation management controller system for crops that interacts with local water, agronomical and meteorological values ​​automatically adjusting the timing and frequency of irrigation. The system is designed in a modular way so that it suits different types and sizes of plots.
  • Based on our autonomous programmer "PG-6010 PRO-2.1" with battery 9Vdc, on this will be incorporated at any time a mini-card hailing TRI (integrated radio card) to communicate locally or remotely with the CAP (Communication Access Point) that is responsible for communicating with all programmers within the same radio network 868/900Mhz and GPRS transfer all data through the internet cloud. The CAP can be only "communicator" or also be "receiver-transmitter" for data (6 digital and 4 analog) besides having a MOD-BUS / RS-485 port to integrate weather stations or local special sensors, and also 2 contactor relay outputs for pump start. The scope of radio in direct vision is more than 20 Km range between controllers and will vary according to the antenna installed and local geography (trees, natural obstacles, geography). In case due to the geography of the land does not reach either the radio signal from the CAP to the TRI's, the latter can be set in "jump Multihop" and route-shaped rebound communications through other equipment network (up to 3 jumps per CAP).
  • In addition, other optional devices such as MSR (Sensory Remote Module) that are responsible for collecting data remotely and download them to the chosen database. These data will serve to ascertain the water conditions within the crop so that intelligent algorithms interact HydroPlus adjusting watering times as needed. This module has 2 digital inputs (counters, wind, ... etc) and 2 analog inputs (pressure, temperature, etc ...).


  • Ref. 602501: ACCESS POINT GPRS + RADIO.
  • Ref. 602511: CAP GSM + RADIO with SENSOR imputs (CAP+S).
  • Ref. 602503: Remote sensor module MSR (field sensors).
  • Ref. 602578: Radio wire of 2 meters and mounting base.
  • Ref. 602579: Orientable antenna.
  • Ref. 602580: Long distance plastic antena.
  • Ref. 602581: Long distance aluminum antena.
  • Ref. 602582: Long distance plastic bumpper antena.
  • Ref. 602583: Super-long distance omnidirectional plate antena.