Sprinkler irrigation is the best solution!

Production, efficiency, sustainability and savings.

Sprinkler irrigation offers a wide range of sprinkler technologies that provide efficient, flexible solutions with an excellent cost-benefit ratio for an extensive range of crops under diverse conditions, and adapted to the particular needs of each client.

As an example, it is possible commercially, using sprinkler irrigation, accompanied by a fertilization program through irrigation, to produce Sugar Cane over 150 Ton / ha constantly.

The sprinklers facilitate the irrigation of full circle and partial circle. Likewise, they cover a wide range of wet diameters from small plastic sprinklers to powerful and gigantic ones, with flow rates between 100 l / h to 30,000 l / h.

They are manufactured with high quality materials, resistant to UV radiation, external conditions and agrochemicals, also guaranteeing maximum precision and longevity.


Sugar beets

Sugar cane

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